Negotiation Committee Update - 08-21-2015
Your TWU Negotiating Committee has just concluded a very successful 3-day Negotiating Session with Virgin America Leadership in New York.
We spent the majority of the session engaged in productive discussions concerning the Reserve Article, in addition to a Reserve “Q and A” resource for ITMs when the Contract is implemented. We made significant progress on this important and intricate issue, and we look forward to continued discussions.
Negotiation update and more
It was a very busy week in negotiations and we are pleased with the progress that was made. Below, please find an update on some of the latest decisions:
Your Negotiating Committee met for three days with VX Leadership with the assistance of Federal Mediator Victoria Gray. We are pleased to announce that we reached Tentative Agreements on a non-discrimination policy and the introductory period for our new ITMs. Every Tentative Agreement we reach is another step closer to our first contract.
Allegiant Air, TWU Local 577 Update

In our ongoing effort to ensure that our Members have accurate information, we would like to provide you with an update on our TWU Local 577 Sisters and Brothers at Allegiant Air.

Allegiant Air Flight Attendants joined TWU in 2010 after years of broken promises by their management to improve compensation, working conditions, and to establish stable and consistent work rules.