From the Table

We are so thrilled to announce we concluded our first round of negotiations with Virgin America Leadership. We want to be the first to tell you it was overwhelmingly positive and successful. In attendance were Victoria Gray (Mediator from NMB) Barbara Russell (Teammate Relations), Valerie Jenkins, Aladdin Nabulsi, Jeff Brundage (Consultant to VX), Maya Tabeau, James Goodell (CSS), Peter Silberstein (Crew Resource Analyst), Mary Li (Financial Plan & Analyst Manager), Thom McDaniel (TWU) and of course your entire Negotiating Committee.

Weekly Update
We hope that everyone has had a chance to review the IROP guide we sent out last week and that you are all feeling a little more empowered with where to find some of the basics to help make those crazy days a little less crazy. If you're flying on the line, share the info and help each other out with the right information. If you have’nt had the chance to view our guide please visit our Resources page.
Rules Refresh
It has been a rough few weeks of flying out there. Long delays, tech stops, displacements and a lot of operational assignments. Your Negotiating Committee has been reviewing your concerns and continues to appreciate your feedback. We wanted to reach out to all of you and just remind you of a few clear-cut rules regarding these types of events. We highly recommend always having a copy of our work rules with you!