Negotiating Committee Update - 1-29-2016
1/29/2016 2:19:45 PM by TWU VX

 Your TWU VX ITM Negotiating Committee just completed a three-day bargaining session with Virgin America Leadership in Los Angeles. We are one step closer to our historic first Contract after reaching a Tentative Agreement on Hours of Service, which defines our duty limitations and rest rules. We also reached a Tentative Agreement on a "Q and A" resource to assist our ITMs in interpreting our new agreement.

We had productive discussions on Reliability, Bidding, and “Calling in Well”. Your NC and Leadership reached consensus on many issues, and we believe we have a solid foundation to reach additional agreements at our next session.
Negotiating Committee Update - 1-16-2016
1/17/2016 8:10:43 AM by TWU VX
This week we held a three-day Negotiating Session with Virgin America Leadership in San Francisco.
We are pleased to announce that we reached a Tentative Agreement on Bases and Filling of Vacancies. We also completed a “Q & A” section to help our ITMs better understand this article when our Contract is ratified. In addition, we reached a Letter of Agreement preserving and enhancing the ITL program, which resolves many issues and will help us to reach agreements on outstanding articles in the Contract.
Negotiating Committee Update - 12-12-2015
12/12/2015 11:00:00 AM by twuva admin

Your Negotiating Committee just left a three-day session with Virgin America Leadership. We are pleased to announce we reached a Letter of Agreement on a Bid Award Review period that will become effective for the February bid month. This Letter of Agreement will be incorporated into the “Bidding” Article of our Contract. We also reached consensus on an Agreement in Principle for Bidding and Filling of Vacancies. To date, we have achieved Tentative Agreements on twelve articles and have negotiated three Letters of Agreement with Leadership. Other issues we discussed during the session concerned accrual and retention of ITM Seniority, Leadership Updates, and the ISR Program.

We have agreed to additional dates for Negotiating Sessions with VX Leadership. In addition to the dates previously scheduled from January to March, we have confirmed dates for April 26-28, May 10-12, June 28-30, and July 26-28. We hope to add more dates as schedules become confirmed.