VX ITM Rainmaker Reminder
As you may already know, your Negotiating Committee has completed the second round of negotiations with Virgin America Leadership. We feel confident that we are on a positive path, which will bring us all success and a historic first contract.
Negotiation Update

Your Negotiating Committee has just left the bargaining table with Virgin America Leadership.  While we did not reach any further Tentative Agreements, we did have very productive discussions over an ITM commuter and PED policy. While we have not reached final agreement on these issues, we were able to identify key concerns and challenges and look forward to finding collaborative solutions.

Inflight Peer Support Rollout!
Today we are please to rollout the Inflight Peer Support Program, a jointly developed program between your TWU VX Negotiating Committee and VX Leadership. This program will allow an ITM to have a fellow ITM who has been trained as an Inflight Support Representative to accompany them to a disciplinary or investigatory meeting to offer support and document the session. Details regarding the program have been sent to your VX ITM email address.