We need your survey & NC insight on Leadership "frontline" increases
We have had a great response to our first TWU VX Member Negotiating Survey; however, the response from reserve ITMs has not been as strong as we would like. This is likely due to the fact that many reserve ITMs have not signed up for Union emails.  The survey closes on Monday at noon PST, so please fill out your survey now and pass on the link to any fellow ITM, especially reserves you know. We get our marching orders from you, so please make your voice heard at: Take survey here
Member Survey Out Now!
As we prepare for Negotiations, we need your help. Below you will find the link for our first TWU VX Membership Negotiating Survey.
Member survey coming soon!

As we prepare for Negotiations beginning very soon, our most important resource is you. Your Negotiating Committee is putting the finishing touches on a Member Negotiating Survey that will be launched this Monday, January 19, 2015. We are excited about this next step because your input will help us in preparing the proposals and prioritizing your issues for our historic first contract.