Welcome to the Line!
As the Union representing Virgin America ITMs, we would like to send a warm welcome to our newest Teammates! You've made it through training, your IOE and maybe even your first FLL flight! We are happy to have you!
As you get used to this new career and this new lifestyle, we have a few tips and tricks to help you along the way!
FROM THE TABLE: TAs signed, more dates in July
Your Negotiating Committee has just left a very productive three-day bargaining session with VX Leadership and NMB Mediator Victoria Gray. We are pleased to report that we were able to reach Tentative Agreements on two very important issues – Grievance Procedures and System Board of Adjustment. These two agreements establish the structure for our Union to provide due process for ITM disciplinary issues and resolve disputes regarding contract interpretation with VX Leadership.
Inflight Support Program Launched
Today, we launch our new Inflight Support Program (ISP) which will allow Inflight Teammates to have an Inflight Support Representative (ISR) to help prepare and accompany them if they are called in for an investigatory meeting that could result in discipline Inflight Leadership. Inflight Support Representatives can be requested for all meetings except attendance meetings unless a final PIP is being issued.