TWU VX Negotiating Committee Update - 11/13/15

We have just left another successful three-day negotiating session with Virgin America Leadership. We are pleased to announce we were able to reach Tentative Agreements on three issues - a Safety and Health article; an Addendum to the Safety and Health Article that establishes a joint Safety and Health Committee; and a Letter of Agreement that further defines processes in the Safety and Health Article. These agreements were reached thanks to the assistance of Tim Logan, VX Director of Safety and Michael Massoni, Operational Safety Chairperson for TWU Local 556.

Your Negotiating Committee and VX Leadership engaged in considerable discussion about the glitch in FLiCA that caused the need for a Re-bid for our December schedules. While we know this has caused some confusion and disagreement among our ITMs, the decision to hold the Re-bid came down to a commitment to doing the right thing and respecting our ITMs earned seniority. We understand things were a little confusing (since we had to address this issue as soon as possible), but Leadership did seek our opinions on how to conduct the Re-bid. At our next meeting, we will discuss implementing a protest period for ITM bidding to ensure bids are awarded correctly.
Negotiating Committee Update - 10-24-2015

This week, your Negotiating Committee met with Virgin America Leadership and continued robust talks on "Safety and Health." We began drafting contract language of the “Safety and Health” article with the shared expertise of TWU Local 556 Operational Safety Chair, Michael Massoni and Virgin America Director of Safety, Timothy Logan. Both TWU and Virgin America have a joint commitment towards the safety and health of all of our InFlight teammates, and we want to ensure all aspects pertaining to this are covered in this article. We will meet with VX Leadership again November 10th -12th. We hope to conclude drafting the “Safety and Health” article and continue our talks on “Daily Schedule Adjustments/Voluntary Schedule Adjustments."

Negotiating Committee Update - 9/22/15
Last week, your Negotiating Committee completed a 3-day session with VX Leadership. We are pleased to report that we reached a Tentative Agreement on “Reduction in Force,” also known as furlough. While this is an issue that no one likes to even consider, it is important to negotiate for worse case scenarios, and we are pleased with the end result. Other topics of discussion during the session were “Seniority” and “Bidding Timelines and Procedures.” We now have ten (10) completed Tentative Agreements on our way to our final contract. Our next session will be held October 20-22 in San Francisco where “Health and Safety” will be the primary focus.