Things To Do While On Chicago Travel

There is no doubt that anyone visiting Chicago will see a lot of reasons to stay longer than they intend. The place is an amazing city. There are lots of wonderful sceneries, medieval edifices, natural sights, and other attractions in the city. Chicago is not all about sightseeing though. You can learn one or two things about their culture in their museums, cuisine selections, and cultural centers. In fact, first visitors sometimes find it hard to pick the right places to visit and things to do. If you are on Chicago travel, the following are some vital things you need to do there.

Chicago Travel

Enjoy the hop-on-hop-off Chicago Bus tour

If you are looking for the simplest way to see almost all of Chicago (at least those important places), this is your best route. You can take this tour for a chance to see all the iconic places in Chicago you’ve heard about. As you enjoy your ride, there is entertainment galore for you. There is the informative narration about Chicago’s history, architecture, and lots more. As a first time visitor, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get to all the destinations you intend to visit.

Skydeck Chicago

If you want to see an unobstructed view of the city, Skydeck provides that platform. It is located at the very top level of the Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower. Here, you can clearly see the city borders and the southern and northern side of the city. To get more fun, you can move to The Ledge to see how high above the sea level you are currently standing. Don’t worry, you are safe there. The area is completely sealed with a tough glass enclosure.

Getting to the Field Museum

For many history lovers in America, their favorite spot is the Field Museum in Chicago. It is in fact, one of the largest in the entire universe. This museum houses the largest collections of artifacts in the US. There are sections for all ages of people. If you came with your kids, they will learn a lot here.

Have a thrilling experience at 360 CHICAGO

This is another high point you can visit to see a clearer view of the city from above. If you are a lover of arts and architecture, you shouldn’t miss this place. It offers a unique and in-depth view of some of the best architecturally renowned buildings in the country. Here you get the chance to see architectural wonders.

Architecture River Cruise

Building design and architecture is ingrained into Chicago’s artistic culture. That is while the city houses some of the most amazing architectural buildings in the world. So you shouldn’t be surprised to see lots of architectural edifices around the city. But this place is meant to give guest cruise tour in the city river. There is a tour guide that will inform you and your crew the most notable and distinctive buildings along the Chicago River.

Visit the Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago is not all about side attractions and architecture. The people have a rich culture too. If you want to experience the rich cultural life of the people of Chicago, you will get enough at this center. The place draws thousands of visitors daily, especially when there is an event. And there is no shortage of event throughout the year. Here you will see dance, contemporary art exhibitions, music performances, and films.

Visit Shedd Aquarium

If you are enthusiastic about sea life, this is another great place to go. It houses more than 32,000 aquatic species. This is about the biggest collection of aquatic life, where you will have the chance to see the water world as if you are in it. You will definitely see your favorite aquatic animal as they enjoy their natural habitat.

Go for hiking and outdoor camping in a park

camping in chicago

This is an activity that is there everywhere when you are exploring nature in a region. Prepare your hiking boots and get your tent to visit places you want to spend a few days outdoors in Chicago. You may visit the William W. Power state recreation area or Ridge Bedford park to find the best camping place.

These are not the only side attractions in Chicago. There are several other places. But if you can visit these important centers in the city, you will have a lot of stories to tell. Apart from architectural centers, Chicago has a very rich food culture. You can have a taste of their Chicago-style Barbecue hot dogs, and deep dish pizzas in popular restaurants like Oriole, Lou Michels, and Boka. Chicago is certainly a great travel destination because of the city’s rich culture and magnificent natural and artificial edifices.


Things To Do While On Grand Cayman Islands Travel

Although a trip here may be more expensive than similar trips to some other Caribbean destinations, there are lots of reasons why many still long to visit Grand Caymans Islands. It is known for great culinary experiences, wonderful beaches, and luxury lodging options.

The destination has dramatic sunsets, amazing beauty, and is considered very safe. Here are some remarkable things you can do in Grand Caymans Islands to have an enjoyable experience there.

Visit George Town

If you love beachy settings, you will enjoy every bit of your stay in George Town. It is not like the normal city you know with metropolis background. Everything here seems natural as it houses the National Museum, several numbers of coral reefs, and the fish market with the opportunity to see different saltwater catches.

Dive at USS Kittiwake

It’s no news that Grand Caymans Islands has one of the most amazing dive sites in the world. You can dive at some of the famous underwater wonders at this site. The water here is crystal clear, where you can see almost everything underwater.

The 62 feet depth below its water surface makes diving under the water. You will have an abundance of artifacts and sea life throughout your stay there.

There are other dives in the island you can explore, such as the Stingy city dive, coral nursery dive, as well as the glow night dives. You will surely have an amazing experience here.

Visit West Bay Loop

West Bay Loop

This has one of the best ocean views in the whole of the Caribbean. There are lots of things you can do here, including a biking trail and staying in one of the makeshift homes. The environment will add uniqueness to your photography collections during your stay

Try their Seafood

The Grand Caymans Islands is the first among all carrageen islands when it comes to seafood. There are lots of restaurant options offering various types of seafood. You can try out their conch dishes, or go to the Margaritaville with its amazing view of waterside and sunbathing deck.

Visit Go To Hell

Your experience in the Grand Caymans Islands will not be complete if you do not see this natural wonder. It is an inferno that is made up of dangerous looking geography. The place is a wonder to see, with eroded limestone created by natural elements and large algae. There is a small viewing place for visitors, which will enable you to see everything as they unfold.

Check out the Smith’s Cove

This is a beautiful ocean inlet popular for its enjoyable snorkeling, attractive rock formation, and remarkable blue waters. Here you can enjoy your picnic and snorkel with large tropical fish. The good thing about Smith’s Cove is that it is absolutely free.

The best thing to enjoy the Grand Cayman Islands is to make sure you have a checklist to make sure you keep checking in the interesting spots so that you are never behind when there is an adventure filled an opportunity in front of you.

For your adventure-filled journey, you may like to go out camping if the opportunity is there and you have got time. You should be prepared with proper clothing, waterproof tent, camping necessities and other things that are according to the environment, season and temperature level there depending on when you are visiting the place on vacation.

These are some of the amazing places you can visit in the Grand Caymans Islands to make your stay a wonderful and memorable one. Whether you are going on a short trip, a business trip, or for holidays, there are great places that will definitely give you new experiences you’ve never tasted before.

You will be able to find landscapes, adventure-filled tours, and trips. Also, the food, fruits and other special things that you find there may appear to be different as compared to other regions around. So whether you are looking for a short journey or want to stay for some days, you can still enjoy a lot if you know where you will be going and what you need to do during the visit. You may opt to go to some of the amazing places that will keep you coming back whenever you get a chance.


Airplane travel tips

Travelling is fun, and when you are going on a trip you must be able to understand that you will be able to explore a lot of new things while traveling through any means like trough train, by air or by taking a cruise. But the fact is that when you are going on travel by air, things would be different because you may be traveling for a short period of time but you may need to handle a lot more things in order to enjoy the travelling hours more easily and joyfully.


In fact, it all depends on how you are traveling where you are going, how long is your travel and what you expect during the tour as well.

Airplane travel is somewhat different because you will be spending a shorter time on travel as compared to the train, or car but you will be traveling to a farther place which may have some sort of time difference involved in it.

So, in order to be sure that you will have the best time during the travel or time you will have to spend in an airplane, you may need to know about the following tips to give you an idea about having the best airplane travel no matter where you go:

Always make sure you have your medical checkup before going on a trip. Whether you are going for a trip to far off places where you will be hiking, camping and running or whether you are going to visit places just for information purposes. If you know you are ready to take on the adventure and have the best health condition, you can enjoy more.

You should pack lesser things but make sure you have things packed in a compact backpack or a travel bag that is easy to carry and may not let you get into any kind of issues that may hinder you during the travel. Keeping a snug and compact backpack while traveling by an airplane is one of the best things to do for sure.

Airplane travel tips

You must keep yourself easy and relaxed during the travel because sitting on the airplane seats may need you to wake up most of the time. But if you have a comfortable neck and back pillow with you, you can relax and ease your muscles to get a relaxed sleep if you have got some time on the airplane.
You should be able to keep some snacks but not the ones which may cause stomach issues. Make sure to eat dry snacks in shorter amounts so that you may not feel dizzy or overfilled during the travel which is surely a problem to handle.

Keeping necessary medication or first aid things along is also necessary because you need to stay away from possible health issues. You should also understand how you should be handling your issues while on travel because you know yourself better and not others.

Manage your things properly and keep your credit cards and belongings safely. All your documents and cards, as well as the money, stays with you, in your handbag or pocket and that is why you should be careful about keeping thing along. In case if you lose them you will be in great trouble for sure.

Make sure you don’t overfill your bag with the unnecessary thing. There must be a few important clothing items and daily needs and you should not be filling all your essentials in your travel bag. Even if you are going to another region, you can find suitable clothes there as well. That is why you only have to keep and manage a few clothing essentials and should not be stuffing your travel bag with extra apparel items and things that may not be as important as you think so.

Make sure you drink enough water and take some naps in case if you have to travel long on a plane because you may experience jet lag and other issues like that if you are not ready for a long airplane travel.

All these tips work for most of the frequent and occasional travelers because preparing for the travel in the right way is the key to have a joyful and relaxed journey and enjoy more where you are going to spend your days.

Inspiring support

We are inspired by the amazing support we have received from fellow industry professionals. Over 100,000 Flight Attendants worldwide support our YES vote for TWU. As our election season nears completion, we look forward to the possibilities that lay ahead.

Nothing illustrates this more than the words of support and insight of Debra Barber, Lead Negotiator at Local 577, the Union of Allegiant Flight Attendants.

Read letter here

She describes her work group’s path to TWU. A failed election, a second chance for management, an in-house Flight Attendant committee disregarded, more broken promises, and finally a successful YES vote for TWU. She adeptly illustrates the successes of her Union, the support they receive from TWU and how important her Local 577 is in creating transparency, fair representation and the ultimate better treatment and respect for her fellow Flight Attendants.

In the end she says, “Having a voice in shaping our future has value beyond words. Knowing that we are building a strong foundation that is committed to our company and our flight attendant work group is a key to our success today, and as we work with our company in the establishment of our historic first contract.”

You said it Deb. Thank you.

Elevate our future. Vote YES for our professional and positive voice at Virgin America.

In solidarity,
Your TWU VX Organizing Committee

Our Culture – Our Virgin America Voice

Culture is an individual thing. You see it in people and you see it in business. It is a defining spice of life. Take a look at our ever growing support page, and you will find over 100,000 Flight Attendants worldwide, serving a myriad of carriers that are proud of their individual culture, heritage and Unions. They also unanimously support our YES vote for TWU.

Together, these Flight Attendant Unions have done exemplary work representing the collective good of their Members, company and our industry. From establishing OSHA in our cabins, to lobbying to keep knives off our planes, Flight Attendant Unions have led the way.

We share the vision of our fellow colleagues and are excited to elevate our own professional and positive partnership with Virgin America. We honor the culture we love so well, and are eager to participate with our company in creating forward thinking ideas that will ensure our success and make certain we all keep it Virgin.

This is Our Culture. This is Our vision.
This is Our Virgin America Voice.

How to Wear Your TWU Pin

Location! Location! Location!

That’s right! Our Union pin is now an approved uniform piece for our ITMs. However, as with most things in life, location is key. Please refer to the above photo to determine the appropriate Union pin placement on your uniform. So now you have one more item to add to your pre-flight uniform checklist.

  • Wings? Check!
  • ID? Check!
  • Union pin? Check!

Now, in order to wear your Union pin, you have to have a Union pin. If you need one sent to you, please fill out the contact form on this page, and we’ll make sure we get one to you.