Become an ISR

TWU VX, in cooperation with Virgin America Leadership, is holding a training session for InFlight Support Representatives (ISR), and we are looking for volunteers to support their InFlight Team Members in this capacity.

What are ISRs? Quite simply, they are the “Front Line” representatives of our Union. They are the people that our ITMs turn to when they have questions or need guidance in any work situation. Many of you probably know that ITMs can help in disciplinary sessions. The reality is, NO ONE should ever enter a disciplinary meeting without an ISR present. However, in addition to this vital role, our ISRs are there to answer questions about contracts (or negotiations), deliver up-to-date information to our ITMs, and provide guidance concerning procedural or pay issues.

Our ISRs will be the foundation of our Union once we ratify our first contract. And as we prepare for integration with a new company, our ISRs will be our Union’s “go-to” team for timely communication and comprehensive education as we enter this foreign territory.

We need your help to build and strengthen our Union. And we are fortunate that the Leadership of Virgin America supports us in this cause. So, please consider joining us at one of the “official” ISR training sessions in SFO (May 3) or LAX (May 4). Training is open to all ITMs in good standing who have completed their introductory period. All participants will be compensated 3.5 hours.